Valuing the concept of use experience brings direct results

One of our values is humanization. It goes beyond a phrase printed on our wall!

It is not rare to observe highly complex and difficult-to-navigate systems. This mistake can cost a lot of time, effort and money that could be used in other more effective alternatives.

Lumini IT Solutions is not only concerned with metrics, but our efforts are to reduce SLA (Service Level Agreement) time by increasing the performance focused in problem solution, so that the user has a positive user experience. We believe that technology becomes meaningful when the system is accessible and intuitive, allowing the user to perform their functions optimally.

Valuing the concept of use experience brings direct results in saving time and increasing the productivity of your team.

How does it work:
Lumini360° monitors the performance and availability of a web or local application using a robot to go through the same path as a user, that is, reproducing a login, a search for a product or service, adding to the cart and making a purchase.

With Lumini360° we leave the perception of a problem and we show the error through a print, aiding the search of the error root cause.

What are the benefits:
• Real-time alerts through indicators;
• Print of applications errors;
• Statistics of the applications’ availability and performance;
• Increase in the service level;
• Fast communication for the responsible.

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