Lumini IT Solutions DNA is driven by innovation and performance!

With over 10 years of experience in mission-critical IT environments management, Lumini leverages the operational intelligence power to deliver affordable and high-value technology services.
Our approach to manage IT environments goes far beyond bits and bytes. What moves us is to disseminate a culture of continuous improvement in our customers' business processes. Lumini is proud of the achievement of ISO 9001 certification and works to democratize the technologies use such as cognitive services, machine learning, real-time information monitoring and data science, attending companies of any size that have the desire and the pretension to transform their markets.

Welcome to the data revolution and join our team!

Get to know our history!

We are building a great 2018!

2017 En_Us

Creation of the development and science core.

2016 En_US

We achieved 30,000 Managed Resources.

2015 En_Us

Lumini360º launch.

2014 En_Us

We received ISO 9001 certification.

2013 En_Us

We created a monitoring platform for the REAL-TIME commercial user experience.

2011 En_Us

We arrived in Rio de Janeiro and became an Oracle partner.

2007 En_Us

We started the operation in SP managing 50 infrastructure resources.