#OutubroRosa here at Lumini IT Solutions

For awareness, motivation and encouragement in the fight against cancer! 💕

This month, we joined the hashtagOutubroRosa here at Lumini IT Solutions to invite everyone in the technology world to reflect on the importance of breast cancer prevention.

“Symbolically, we wear the pink color and join the awareness campaign to express our solidarity and support to those warriors who fight or have already fought against cancer, in an act of empathy for women, because we believe that prevention is still the greatest medicine”, says Fernanda Presidio, co-founder of Lumini.

We know that, according to medicine, the greatest weapon we have in our hands is early diagnosis, which enables healing in 90% of cases.

Breast cancer control is a priority of the health agenda in Brazil. For the year 2018, 59,700 new cases were estimated, which corresponds to about 28% of cancer diagnoses in women. Therefore, it is essential to know, take care and constantly examine ourselves to combat effectively the disease.

Our support and engagement in this cause is so important! 🤝