Lumini presents panel in Cloud Summit X


What an honor to participate once again in the Ingram Micro Cloud Summit, the largest event of cloud technologies, solutions and business on the planet, held in San Diego (USA).

Strengthening the partnership with Ingram Micro more and more, Lumini was represented at a high level by Leandro Barbosa, Octávio Neto and our co-founder Victor Presidio, who was in Silicon Valley, drinking knowledge straight from the fountain of innovation at Singularity University, and came to attend this tenth edition of the Cloud Summit.

In one of the panels, we were invited to share some success stories of our approach in the agribusiness, retail and education sectors, demonstrating all of Lumini’s expertise with intelligent monitoring systems, management of multiclouds environments and also from the development and increasing improvement of the Lumini360 platform.

According to Octávio Neto, Innovation Manager at Lumini, Lumini360 allows customers to discover and capture hidden opportunities to generate additional value in their business, such as capacity increase, productivity optimization and cost reduction, through the use of the most modern techniques of data science and machine learning, fully integrated in the cloud environment, in a transparent and uncomplicated manner.

We would like to thank Ingram Micro at this representative moment of our journey, as ISV partners, promoting more and more innovation and offering advanced solutions that are transforming reality as we know it. Let’s move forward, together!

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