Lumini and MS Foundation: mining gold from Agribusiness in Brazil

Agribusiness is the flagship to drive a resumption of the Brazilian economy in 2019. And along with the Fundação MSLumini IT Solutions will empower the agricultural producer.

Motivated by the intensive use of technology, agriculture keeps Brazil as the fourth largest world food producer, accounting for almost a quarter of GDP. The Agriculture 4.0 revolution brings numerous business opportunities and increases agricultural productivity, as Revista Exame points out.

Faced with this challenging scenario, Lumini IT Solutions and the MS Foundation begin a partnership to completely revolutionize the way the rural producer will use the valuable information to enjoy the best possible performance, having security to support his decision making in this environment every time more competitive.

Mato Grosso do Sul is one of the states in Brazil with the fastest growing agriculture, reaching an average of 7% in the last 5 years. If we look at the new frontiers (regions of the state that are emerging in the agro scenario), we can observe up to 15% growth!

According to Alex Melotto, executive director at the MS Foundation for the research and diffusion of agricultural technologies, there is a very strong competition not only between producers, but with other countries, exchange, input costs, the country’s own bureaucracy and labor laws. “This requires producers to be more and more efficient,” says Melotto.

Obviously, this growth is limited by information, which is a very important asset for the sector’s success. So that’s where we started talking about the importance of the partnership between Lumini and the MS Foundation.



Lumini360° – With eyes on the data: so the magic happens

We face the challenge of bringing together the 10-year research results of MS Foundation, which sets up a large amount of data (more than 25,000 research plots per year), putting it all on the Lumini360° platform – a proprietary technology (data platform) completely disruptive and totally cloud-based, to generate valuable insights through big data, artificial intelligence, math and data science.

In addition to this amount of data, it will still be possible to obtain data from IoT (Internet of Things) and also enrichment of external and public data, which constitutes a valuable increment for the study of scenarios.

“Thus, our expectation is to interrelate the data, with frequent supply, according to the progress of these surveys carried out every year, causing a convergence of the data in safe answers regarding the positioning of the inputs and the use of the most indicated product for planting, “explains Melotto.

Before, it was very difficult to look at all the data at once, with all 15 research units installed in the state, gathering soil analysis, climate, rainfall coincidences from the regions and other variables. Now, with the facility of the computational tool, the access to these interconnected data interpretation is one click away, giving a huge competitive differential to the rural producer who will have access to this information.

“With Lumini360°, we’ll be able to understand what are the best insights of each volume of information. For example: what should be the best soy material to be used in a specific region, according to the climate, type of soil, allied to the most suitable fungicides, insecticides and herbicides, so that all the data are correlated, ” says the director.

For Fernanda Presidio, Lumini’s CEO, we are witnessing the digital transformation in different economy sectors before our eyes, and this initiative with the MS Foundation is another case in response to the great challenges of agribusiness in our country.

Lumini’s main objective with this project is to provide significant development and innovation for all Brazil, showing how it is possible to revolutionize our economy, generating an increase in volumes, a reduction of waste and a new look at the external market.

“Our main achievement is to bring technology to the day-to-day, in a tangible way. From this initiative, rural producers will have unlimited access to the data and insights generated on the Lumini360° platform, being fully prepared to participate in the 4.0 revolution”, says Fernanda.

IOT (Internet of Things), big data, artificial intelligence and data science are already in the field. And the game is just beginning. The expectation is as optimistic as possible!