How does your audience behave in an extremely plural and challenging environment, where the data flow is no longer linear, but comes from multiple sources and occurs across several devices such as desktops, tablets, smartphones?

Lumini360 ° is the most innovative service platform for multiple collection sources, real-time data analysis and monitoring.

Through business analytics, statistical research, big data, and artificial intelligence, our data scientists take this information to the next level, generating insights and analytical and predictive capacity for strategic decision making in all types of markets.

Be part of this digital revolution with the big data and artificial intelligence use.

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Do you have a database or a bunch of data?

In a globalized environment, we have to adapt quickly to the idea that everything is connected. At this point, do you have any idea how much data is being generated? Millions, billions? Maybe more. The questions we need to answer are: what is the destination and usefulness of these valuable information?

Easy, simple and affordable Big Data.

Perhaps you think that all this tangle of technologies like DMP, Data Provider, Data Science, Big Data is still something very complex for your business. But our role is exactly to simplify and give clarity to the decision making, with strategic insights for your business.

More than BI, 360º is Business Analytics.

All information is easily available at the speed of a click. We have a new challenge: to organize the data volume and give precise answers. So we decided to look at the data as opportunities. After all, they reveal a lot about people’s behavior, their habits, feelings, experiences and consumer trends.

Anticipate scenarios and create possibilities.

Combining Business Expertise, Computational Science and Mathematics, we unpacked what seemed complex to deliver the technology in a palpable and extremely didactic way for industries of the most different sizes and segments.

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