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Continuous Improvement

Lumini IT Solutions, which is aligned with the goal of delivering an incredible experience to its customers, had an important achievement that assigns tremendous value on it and gives even greater credibility to its management processes.

With the review of several standards, the ISO 9001:2015 has become even more demanding in many aspects.

Among other factors, from now on the ISO requests that the organizations take into account the feedback of all stakeholders, and not just their customers. In addition, it's also started to mention products and services for all types of outputs, being it a tangible product, services, software and processed materials, which gives more clarity and specificity to the adequacy process.

According to Heric Mendes, Amplitude Consultoria CEO, in order to certify a company with ISO 9001:2015, it is necessary to fulfill several requirements that prove the capacity and quality of the service provided.

Among other criteria that must be 100% fulfilled, we highlight the processes mapping, definition of leadership responsibility, quality policy and resources to meet the operations planning, verification of the goals compliance and implementation of corrective actions when necessary.

"Certainly, the full adoption of all the requirements that were implemented, besides increasing productivity and optimizing costs, promotes an expressive increase in customer satisfaction, since the focus of this ISO is precisely on the quality of the attendance," says Heric.

In order to have an idea of this certification complexity, the main audited criteria includes planning and controls of operational, processes, externally provided products and services, performance evaluation, measurement, senior management critical analysis and continuous improvement actions.

For Fernanda Presidio, Lumini IT Solutions CEO, this initiative follows the great focus of Lumini, which is to establish a continuous improvement culture, offering technology services in an extremely humanized way, guided by excellence. "It is a very important certification for us, because it gives credibility to the work we have developed, as well as promoting a synergy of all organization with our stakeholders."